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Aqua Reign – Lumiartecnia. Leaders in Digital Water Rentals.

Aqua Reign has been the leading company in digital water curtain rentals in the USA for more than 12 years and growing!. Our wide experience in all types of events makes us the perfect choice to advise about the best Digital Water display to suit any company in their next trade show or live event. Our in-house technicians provide a reliable and efficient service, setting up and tearing down the display, even in the same day.

The Aqua Reign- Lumiartecnia system has dazzled thousands with its seemingly magical display of water droplets. Our system is the most flexible system available on the market and can be utilized in almost any location with standard 110 volt power. The water is recycled so there is no need for additional plumbing. The modular design allows it to come in almost any length needed for your application.

We make renting a Digital Water Curtain system easy. Simply tell us about your exhibition, and we will take care of the rest. Plan your occasion then be prepared to captivate the crowd that will gather fascinated by the interactive digital water.

Aqua Reign and Lumiartecnia have performed hundreds of rentals in the USA and around the world in many Trade Shows, Live Shows, Big Events, TV Commercials and in other live events. Some of them can be seen in the following video links:

Our Digital Water Curtain performs in perfect synchronism with the live music, lyrics of ‘Pure Water’ during the BET awards gala in 2019.

In this famous commercial the Digital Water Curtain creates Diamond shapes with the water graphics to promote the perfume La vie est belle.

Opening the presentation act for Playstation, our Digital Water Curtain dances at the rhythm of the live music, falling from 30 feet high.

At the European MTV Awards 2019 in Seville, our Digital Water Curtain was used as a photocall and as an interactive water gate to enter into the world of 5G with Vodafone.

100ft digital water curtain for BMW show in San Diego, truly a impressive display.

Our Digital Water Curtain was the main attraction in AMGEN`s booth in Vienna, at the important medicine UEG Week 2018.

In this TV Commercial the Digital Water Curtain spells the main features from this well known hydrating lotion from Olay. Video link: https://www.ispot.tv/ad/ARBv/olay-luminous-light-hydrating-lotion-glow

The Digital Water Curtain works as ‘Water clock’ count down in New years eve at Wynn hotel in Las Vegas.

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