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The water curtain comes in all-assembled aluminum truss modules, being the minimum length of each module one meter, and its maximum length is only limited by the customer specifications. However, the minimum length we recommend is 3-5 meters, in order to have a good graphic display.

There are no limits to the height the DWC can be installed at. However, height less than 3 meters, may not allow the complete formation of drawings, letters, shapes and patterns, and higher than 15 meters, the water features could loss accuracy at the end of the fall. We recommend placing the DWC at a height between 3-15 meters, if the DWC is going to be placed indoors, or between 3-12 meters if the DWC is going to be placed outdoors.

DWC is an architecture concept to be integrated in big indoor and outdoor spaces. It can be manufactured in any shape, even circular shape.

As an engineering and informatics team, Lumiartecnia will provide the complete engineering project: blueprints, calculations and instructions at any stage of the project.

Our powerful software is adapted to each DWC project. Specific logos, slogan, text and designs will be programmed to display on the DWC.

Interaction possibilities are amazing. We have developed specific apps for our DWC Users can play and interact with the DWC sending text and images on real time, play with motion sensor radars… using an interface device: smartphone or touch screen.

DWC is designed to be placed outdoors and to endure all types of hard weather conditions: rain, wind, heat, even mildly cold weather, around freezing temperatures.Wind does not affect the DWC performance. If the wind is way too strong, the system will automatically stop, until the weather conditions allow it to work again.

DWC modules already assembled with the nozzles, valves, electric and hydraulic connection and a 1 meter RGB/W led light bar or color.DWC control system (pc or similar, tablet pc, smart phone…etc.)

The control system will have integrated our Controlidor® software, specifically design for the DWC.

We strongly advice the assistance on site of a project manager, to undertake the direction of the installation and undertake the start up of the system.He will also be in charge of instructing the local technician team into maintenance and operation tasks.

Our technician will guarantee the perfect installation of the system DWC.

Installation or any materials concerning installation is not included in our services.However, if client requires a turn-key project, installation included, we will provide the complete installation.

DWC uses the same water that folds back to the pond below where the water is filtered, chemically treated and cleaned to be used into the system again.

DWC can work with any kind of water. If water is very chalky, a calcium deposit remover is needed. It can work even with sea water.

Maintenance of the system is very easy. For each installation, we will provide the maintenance manual and train the maintenance team in this task.

Period is 1 year

We offer a complete engineering solution for every project, also providing the following equipment, according to each customer’s requirements.