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We are an American / Spanish Engineering and Water Architecture international brand, specialized in the investigation, project, rehabilitation and design of Water Fountains, Aquatic Ballet, Musical Fountains, Aquatic Shows, Water Shows, indoor and outdoor fountains, and widely, to Water Architecture. More than 60 years dedicated to water engineering, water architecture, and investigation of water applications with more than 30 patents, supports our success.


In recent years, we have invented, patented (patent number 200801468) and developed one of our best creations: The Digital Water Curtain (DWC®) as a result of the project developed for the Digital Water Pavilion, at Expo Zaragoza 2008.  The Digital Water Curtain works as a computer controlled water plotter wall that displays graphics, patterns and texts, by switching fast acting valves on and off. This produces a water printer or graphical water screen of falling segments (pixelfall) that serve as pixels, creating a surprising graphical waterfall display that constantly scrolls downward.


The variety of digital water wall graphical display is rich, dynamic and diverse in patterns, symbols, letters, numbers, images, wordfall and pictures in motion. The magic water graphic screen display possibilities may be controlled by different devices drivers depending on the interactive idea and specific designs of the dancing waters word fall, aqua graphic curtain or flashwall specifications for each customer. The Digital Water Curtain becomes a singular Watermark when displayed in the shape of urban furniture of the 21st century.


The Digital Water Curtain system is commanded by our software Controlidor®. The software is highly interactive using all types of interfaces drivers: smart phones, Tablet Pc, PDA, Laptops, flash waters, etc. The watergraphic curtain may integrate sensors along its length. These sensors may detect the approach of people, so that the interactive waterwall or mechanical waterfall opens to let them pass through.

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