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Hydropolis Digital Water Curtain

Hydropolis, an ultra-modern knowledge center dedicated to water, just opened its doors!

The 47 m long Digital Water Curtain is integral to the outer façade, completing its vanguard architecture design with the enlivening of the water cantilever that pours down in intelligent waterfalls.

The HYDROPOLIS Environmental Education Center is a unique place, combining education with modern forms of exhibition. The main subject of the exhibition is water, a precious substance that is everywhere on our planet.

One of the exhibit’s main attraction is the state-of-the-art Digital Water Curtain which is responsive to visitors when they get close to the entrance gates, then the water sections in front of the doors will automatically open to let them cross inside or outside without getting wet.

The digital water curtain greets the visitors with the falling down liquid messages, while at the same time dresses the coppery architecture with a translucent interactive water wall which announces the high technology water artifacts they will discover in the exhibit.

The Water Curtain is colorfully lighted at night with high power LED bars model LI-4300, able to provide thousands of different colors in more than 40 independent light sectors that uniformly wash the digital waterfall. The water and light control is carried out by the advanced Controlidor Software, perfectly integrating both elements, to create a beautiful and harmonious artistic flowing tapestry with digital control.

The water architecture is highly interactive and automatically responding to inputs sent to Controlidor Software, while performing the scheduled display with different types of device drivers: motion detection sensors, custom applications for smart phones, wind sensitivity in different DWC areas, water quality PH and chlorine sensors, water level and temperature sensors, pressure sensors, electronic sensors to gauge the pumps, control over the internet, etc.

HYDROPOLIS is a place where diverse multimedia technologies, art installations, replicas and real-life models serve a common goal: to show water from varied and fascinating perspectives.

This is a narrative exhibition. Visitors actively take part in the story of the origins of water in the universe, encounter the incredible creatures from the depths of the ocean, and take to the surface to understand its imperative function in the environment and its role in human vital functions. They also learn the history of water engineering, from Antiquity to present-day methods of water management.

This is the only such facility in Poland, and one of the few in the world. The exhibition area is more than 4 000 square meters. A total of 64 interactive installations await visitors in eight themed areas.

A historical 19th-century underground pure water reservoir has been adapted for the purposes of the exhibition.

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