Coca-Cola ‘Happiness Factory’ 2012 Santiago, Chile

Project Team

Imat, Lumiartecnia Internacional


Coca-Cola Embotelladora Andina


This DWC installed in the museum of “Happiness Factory” for Coca-Cola in Chile, is integrated into the museum tour in an interactive experience, where the visitor is involved in the discovery of the secret formula, making drinks, history, current concept of living positively, future vision and spirit of the brand. It has been performed using the latest technologies in cinema 4d, kinetic, bikuity systems, sound engineering projectors and 3D mapping to achieve a 360-degree experience.
Arriving at the site of the curtain, a friendly voice called Sofia, demands the attention of the public, using the “magic water curtain” as visual support of the narrative, which include a commitment to ecology and remarks the importance of recycling.