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Digital Water Curtain at Turkmenbashi International Airport

In April 2010 a new four-story terminal building was opened with a capacity of 800 passengers per hour. In addition, a new control tower height with a height of 61 metres was put into operation. It was equipped with special equipment, as well as housing for receiving VIP-persons, meetings and conferences. An elegant Digital Water Curtain design was placed at the main lounge, to inform, refresh and surprise the passengers and visitors.

Built with the aim of enhancing the transportation infrastructure of the Awaza Region, an area that is developing rapidly as a tourist destination, and serving the city of Turkmenbashi, The Turkmenbashi International Airport has an enclosed area of 40,000 m2. The airport conforms to international standards and is equipped with state-of-the-art technologies, and the terminal building provides services to international and local airline companies and has a capacity of 800 passengers per hour.

The airport has a ramp of 148,000 m2 installed with a fuel hydrant and electricity supply system that can provide services for six aircrafts simultaneously, a 3,500-meter runway and a fuelling facility including aircraft fuel tanks with a capacity of 8,000 m3.

Constructed within the project were: the domestic and international flights terminal, a cargo building, hotel, CIP building, air-traffic control tower, indoor parking lot with a capacity for 250 cars, open parking lot with a capacity for 70 cars and other supporting technical facilities.

At the same time the airport can take 7 flights while providing international standards of service. The total area of the plot on which the new terminal is located, is about 80 hectares. The neighborhood is landscaped, planted and decorated with fountains. There are also indoor and outdoor parking areas for more than three hundred and eighty cars.

At the main lobby entrance we find a Digital Water Curtain integrated in the ceiling, with elegant and customized design to fit in the luxurious surrounding of marble pavement and sophisticated ornamentation.

The DWC displays water patterns, texts and customized airport graphics, falling down to the ground level basin below.

The Digital Water Curtain welcomes the passengers with saluting messages cascading down in the air.

The DWC may become an innovative information panel, connected to the airport system, to display relevant information using the text tool integrated in our software. In this way the visitors may be informed and surprisingly refreshed at the same time, while enjoying the dynamic displays featured by the DWC.

This architectural DWC is lighted with high power white LED lights to make the water feature glow even during daylight.

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