People can interact with the DWC in several ways using electronic devices. There are several elements which can be used to interact with the DWC.


A wide variety of sensing devices can be used to maximize interactivity possibilities. The DWC may integrate electronic sensors around the installation area. These sensors detect the approach of people, so that the water curtain can open to let them pass through, display a preprogrammed water game, activate customized contents, display advertisement, etc.

Smartphone and/or Tablet

Draw, or send texts onto our digital water curtain: have fun with our water display with your tablet or Smartphone using our specific app.

Many people can interact simultaneously with the curtain.

DWC Play App

This application has different operating options customized for every customer:

  • Send images
  • Drawing and texting: With this feature, sketches and texts can be drawn on Smartphone device screens.
  • Interaction with Social Networks: Smartphone and Tablet users can display text or even images on the DWC in real time via Twitter or a similar app.
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