Digital Water Mural at Hotel Francisco I

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Lumiartecnia Internacional


Lumiartecnia Internacional


Hotel Francisco I


Lumiartecnia was commissioned to create and install an interactive 10´ x 25′ water wall piece that would separate the indoor patio area from the elevators corridor, creating in both spaces an attractive evolving water tapestry, lighted with colorful LED lights. The resulting ever changing and lighted water wall creates a relaxing atmosphere which transmits an intense sense of peace and well being to welcome and sooth the hotel’s clients.

The customer wishes to create an iconic decorative element which at the same time accomplishes an architectural functionality dividing the small patio and lobby area in three differentiated spaces. To accomplish these requirements, Lumiartecnia has just patented a new concept: the Digital Water Mural: an interactive water wall which prints water graphics, patterns and texts which slowly slide downwards at a soothing pace. The system is adapted to indoor spaces, not producing splashing, noises or any annoyance related to water bodies, requiring very little maintenance and electrical power.

The Digital Water Mural creates an appealing and soothing water tapestry which continually generates evolving shapes and original lighted patterns highly comforting and eye catching, transforming the space in a place where people wishes to stay, giving the impression the room expands as if it had a wider horizon. It is highly interactive by downloading the customized App to play and control the digital slow sliding water plotter.