It is a worldwide novelty and exclusive architectural element, patented by Lumiartecnia International.

Designed especially for interiors, it is the ideal solution for spaces that want to incorporate water in a decorative and technological element while generating a relaxing and welcoming atmosphere.


The water slides down a surface that enhances its visibility and slows downs its fall with a wraparound cadence. This surface can also serve as a video projection support.

  • It is designed to be visible on both sides, so it can be installed against a wall or as an autonomous element, enabling thus the possibility of separating different areas.
  • It is perfect for shop windows, restaurants, hotels, casinos, party halls, etc.


  • Very Silent
  • No Splashing
  • Low water and energy consumption (closed water circuit)
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Elegant Custom Design
  • Can be used as a video projection screen
  • Modular (adaptable size up to 3m high and up to 1.4m wide)
  • Controllable from a proprietary application


Our Controlidor® control software governs the system, allowing you to make original patterns, graphics and textures with water. It also integrates a multi-colored LED linear projector and it can synchronize colors with texts and graphics.

By downloading our app, users will be able to display graphs, write text, control the lights on the Digital Water Mural.

Controlidor Software

Controlidor Software is the most powerful and reliable software for Digital Water systems. It has a customized design and user friendly interface to control all the installation equipment in a fully automatic way.

  • Users can easily design their own content by using our graphic interface.
  • Basic library includes many graphics, texts and water patterns.
  • Editable agenda to customize daily schedule.
  • The Digital Water Mural can change colors, patterns and shapes automatically or dance to the rhythm of any music played.
  • Controlidor also allows users to interact with the curtain using their smart phones, tablets, etc.
  • Remote control over the internet or local network.
  • Periodical updates and on-line service included.

DWM Display Types

We have developed 3 DWM display types, depending on the installation system:

  • DWM WALL: Placed on a wall or construction surface.
  • DWM GLASS: Placed on a glass structure or window.
  • DWM STAND-ALONE: Selfstanding mural modules to create a separation of spaces (for restaurants, window shops, hotel lobbys, etc) or create large DWM wall by adding several units together.

We offer a complete engineering solution for every project, also providing the following equipment, according to each customer’s requirements

Video projection on the DWM

The Mural Surface also works as support for video projection. With this feature, video can be used to project on to the DWM surface that may be combined with the falling graphics and patterns performed by the water mural. It is ideal for on spot advertisement and window shops.

Water treatment

An optional water treatment system for the DWM is available, designed to operate in an unsupervised environment at the highest standards of quality and reliability. In the event of water contamination, the DWM will cease to operate immediately, until the quality of the water in the system returns to acceptable levels.

Wind control for outdoor systems

The water mural, if placed outdoors, can be programmed to include a sensitive wind speed control system that will gauge the air velocity in order to minimize splashing and water losses due to the action of the wind.


Electronic sensors can be integrated into the overhead pipe. These sensors detect the approach of people, so that the water mural can interact with the user to trigger video projection, color change or different water patterns.

Pumps and Strainers

For every project, a pump will be designed according to the DMC’s height and flow. Specific strainers designed by us are a smart choice to prevent dirt from entering into the system.

Smartphone Apps

Customized applications can be developed for every customer so that users can interact with the water mural.

Portable Structures and modular basins

We design portable structures, consisting of elevation and support columns and a modular basin, adapted to the size of the Mural.

Customized sizes for indoor and outdoor applications.

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