5 Sets of DWCs 2015, Olot, Spain

Project Team

Lumiartecnia Internacional


La Deu Restaurant


Five sets of Digital Water Curtains and Rain Curtains are integrated at the entrance of the acclaimed restaurant ‘La Deu’, placed at the Natural Park of the Volcanic Area of La Garrotxa; which is one of the most exceptional, diverse and emblematic areas in Catalonia. The restaurant is well known for its gastronomic heritage, represented by the Volcanic Cuisine gastronomic association, to offer traditional, creative dishes with a marked emphasis on local produce.

Each Water Curtain has its own functionality in the space. At the entrance gate, a DWC acts as an automatic door, welcoming the guests by automatically open the water and let them go through without getting wet, and closing again when they have crossed the treshold.

Inside there is a set of twin DWCs writing welcoming messages, ideal for a wedding photographic set up.

Two more Rain Curtains are placed at stategic points, behind the outdoor bars, to refresh the guests, creating a shoothing atmostphere in the hot summer nights that have made this restaurant a favourite place in the region.