Literacy Garden 2014 Jackson, Ms

Project Team

Fountain Construction, Lumiartecnia Internacional, Vortex International


Nuno&Erin Architects


Mississippi Children’s Museum


The Literacy Garden at Mississippi Children’s Museum is a one-of-a-kind experience for children to cultivate early childhood literacy skills in an exciting, imaginative outdoor environment. The garden has been a statewide collaborative effort between renowned education and design partners to provide unparalleled experiences to all of Mississippi’s children. In the garden children will unlock wonders and adventures untold. Following the Topsy Turvy Pathway, children will make their way through the garden discovering a whimsical world of tall tales, magical experiences and larger-than-life fantasies. Along their journey, the 20-feet tall Dancing Waters Word Fall, with words and pictures revealed in the cascading water, compels children to splash and play in its soft current.

This magical Digital Water Curtain has been developed by Lumiartecnia America and Vortex International to create a unique water experience for children who can interact with the dancing waterfall while writing letters, texts or painting with their fingers using the Controlidor application in their tablets or smartphones.