Milla Digital 2008, Zaragoza, Spain

Project Team

MIT School of Architecture and Planning, City Design and Development/ Urban Studies and Planning, Smart Cities / Media Laboratory

Visual Animation



City of Zaragoza


The Milla Digital – as a place, as a set of digital connections, and as a cluster of emerging and continuously improving activities – will help to Broaden the opportunities for citizens to be aware of, and participate in, the society of their communities by activating inactive spaces within the city in a highly public manner. This large scale project will Introduce the culture of globally dispersed knowledge to Zaragoza and equip its residents to access, benefit, and contribute to it and It will Create a physical expression of information culture that integrates with the city’s past and evolving sense of place.

The Digital Water Walls will be the interconnection links to all the parts involved in the landscape and urban project.

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